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Green Glens Arena, Millstreet

NOVEMBER 18, 2003



After two years and four months Bob Dylan did
revisit the Emerald Isle intending to play two
shows toward the end of his European tour in 2003.

The second concert was to be at the Green Glens
Arena, in Millstreet, County Cork, which is
located in the south west of the country, just
44 miles north-west from where my wife and I live.

It amazes me that this minute provincial town
was to host a Bob Dylan concert, right after
Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and Dublin.

Below you can see some images of the area and
of Millstreet's one main street. All pictures
were taken on Saturday, August 16, 2003.

On the day of the concert itself I was leaning
against the entrance door of Millstreet’s Green
Glens Arena, hoping to get a real good view
for my last show for this year, when the door
opened and the two dozen people already waiting
were allowed inside to hear the press release read:

"Mr Dylan is ill. He has severe viral laryngitis.
After consulting with doctors in Dublin and
Killarney, it was strongly recommended that
Bob Dylan not perform tonight’s show …."

By now I know that Bob had arrived by bus in
Killarney around four in the morning after the
Dublin show. So he must have consulted said
"doctors in Dublin" already on the day of his
concert at "The Point Depot". He stayed at the
Killarney Park Hotel, consulted doctors there,
and left by bus for Sheffield around nine in the
evening. So there was no concert in Millstreet.

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